Wacky Wednesday – Swiss Ninja Skis

Swiss Army Skis, photo by Keaghlan Sheridan

Swiss Army Skis, photo by Keaghlan Sheridan

Of all the usable sporting goods items clients have had us haul away Junk King of Nashville rarely sees skis. Baseball, softball, football, basketball, golf, even hockey equipment shows up for me to either recycle or donate, but I can count on one hand the times ski equipment has entered the warehouse. It took me a while to figure out what these actually were due to the lack of markings. I told my husband that these had to be different, maybe Swiss government skis due to the Swiss cross and lack of other markings. (Ski manufacturers love to put their names all over EVERYTHING.) He joked and said they were Swiss Ninja Skis. Why ninja skis? Ninjas need to blend into their surroundings and unmarked white skis would do the trick in the Alps. If the bad guys had Swiss Ninja Skis they might have had a better chance at catching James Bond in ‘For Your Eyes Only‘.

Wacky Wednesday - Swiss Army Skis, photo by Caryn

Wacky Wednesday – Swiss Army Skis, photo by Caryn

Well, I think we were both right. There are only the binding maker name and the iconic Swiss cross with serial number on the front of the white skis.  The old school poles have the Swiss cross with the word ‘ARMEE’ on the handles. They are Swiss Army skis. Days like this I feel like a real detective.

Wacky Wednesday – TPAC Art-O-Mat

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

Our first visit to TPAC, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, brought many delights: the show, the architecture, the artwork and statues in expected and unexpected places, and the Art-O-Mat. After explaining to our daughter what a cigarette machine was, we both agreed it was a fantastic and productive up cycle. Placing $5.00 in this Art-O-Mat machine gave the patron a choice from a selection of palm-sized hand-made artwork from around the country. I say ‘patron’ because the proceeds go to support the TPAC Education Fund.

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

On further investigation we learned that the Art-O-Mat is not unique to TPAC. There are Art-O-Mats all over the country, with one of the newest being unveiled at Alfred University in New York State this week. Clark Whittington of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the founder and creator of Art-O-Mat, will be speaking about his work at Alfred University on March 19th.

Art-O-Mat continues to search for more artists to represent in their machines. There are very specific perimeters and uniform packaging – about the size of  pack of cigarettes. Here are the detailed guidelines. Once a prototype is accepted the artist needs to have at least 50 items together and ready to ship to one of the cities housing an Art-O-Matic machine. Usual price is $5.00 and once sold the artist will receive $2.50.

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

ARTOMAT at TPAC, Photo by Caryn

Wacky Wednesday – CB Club Vest, Good Buddy!

close up of cb patches and fringe

Close up of CB Vest Patches and Fringe

Here is a rarely seen shot of ‘Stranger’, a.k.a. The Junk King, modeling a fantastic CB radio club vest.

rare sighting of the junk king

Rare Sighting of The Junk King

This beauty (and it’s partner ‘Carrot Top’) are beautifully embroidered with the club name and member name, edged with fringe, and decorated with a collection of patches. The patches are from destinations, proclaim world views, and show heritage. These vests were lovingly assembled and well cared for.

I could spend way too much time looking through the CB slang guide that came in a while ago.  I do think I may have to dust off my VHS DVD of ‘Smokey and the Bandit’.

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