Throwback Thursday! Vintage Motorola Cell Phone

Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Lite XL Cell Phone

Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Lite XL Cell Phone, photo by Caryn

Weighing more than an iPad tablet, the Motorola MICRO TAC LITE XL brings back the days of early 90’s, expensive cell phone options, and questionable clothing choices. ‘TAC’ stands for ‘Total Area Coverage’. It was the smaller version of the Motorola DYNA TAC. How can something ‘Micro’ also be ‘XL’? Did that antenna actually help reception or was it just to let passers by know that its owner was very important and had a phone? Junk King of Nashville will recycle this beauty. Most likely it will become part of a school theater prop collection.

Throwback Thursday: Paint By Number!

photo by caryn, paint by number ballerinas

Photo by Caryn, Paint by Number Ballerinas

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Do you remember doing Paint By Number paintings as a kid? Want to do them again? They are still available in local stores and online. eBay has vintage sets available, too! I’m seeing a resurgence in Paint By Number appreciation. What would you like to paint?

photo by caryn of a vintage paint by number landscape

Photo by Caryn of a vintage Paint By Number landscape

Throwback Thursdays – Fisher-Price Little People!

phoyo by caryn of the fisher price little people set

Photo by Caryn of the Fisher-Price Little People Camping Set

I know when most people think of industry in the Rust Belt City of Buffalo they think of the now dormant steel plants along Lake Erie. Fewer might mention the suburb of East Aurora and Fisher-Price Toys. Growing up in the 1970s and 1980’s in Western New York most kids had at least one Fisher-Price Little People play set. (Some kiddos even had their photos taken and used on the boxes and in advertising!) My favorites were the Houseboat and the A-Frame (which I still have …). I never had the camping set and when one crossed my path last year I took a little time to play with it.

photo by caryn of the fisher price little people from the camper

Photo by Caryn of the Fisher-Price Little People

For 20 years East Aurora had a wonderful event called Toyfest, including a parade of the larger than life vintage Fisher-Price toys. Sadly Toyfest had its last event in 2007 and the Toytown Museum closed its doors in 2009. Remnants of the Toyfest parade rest on the front yard of the Fisher Price office campus on their 364 days off from parading.

4 Table Legs + 1 Vintage Suitcase = Table

photo by caryn of parts to make table

Photo by Caryn of parts to make table

My job is to sort through items that we haul to see what needs to be recycled and what can still be used. I was excited to see this vintage 1960’s suitcase and four lonely table legs come in within the same week. Both trucks were on jobs and I had a few minutes. The table legs had screws already attached to the ends so I only needed a measuring device and a drill.

photo by caryn of the finished project and tools

Photo by Caryn of Finished Project and Tools

Could not readily find a yardstick so I used a musket loader that was handy. (If you saw our warehouse you’d realize that many things are within reach – except yard sticks.) I used the straight piece of metal to measure equally from each corner and drilled a pilot hole for the screws already on the table leg, screwed in the legs and adjusted tightly until the suitcase top was level. Done.

Note these are not the sturdiest of tables. I’d put a few books and other non-breakables on top, but even a small dog or large cat with the right determination could topple it and any breakables would meet the floor. Four horizontal reinforcements between the legs would make Granny’s favorite lamp a bit more safe.

Throwback Thursday – Penny Publix!

photo by caryn of a 19702 publix ad featuring penny publix

Photo by Caryn of a 1970’s Publix Ad Featuring ‘Penny Publix’

Having grown up shopping at Bells, Super Duper, Tops, and Wegmans I did not get to experience Publix until moving to Tennessee. I recently found this advertisement for Publix in an early 1970’s magazine. It features an ecstatic Penny Publix cheering on the fine art of tailgating.

One thing you may not know about Publix is that they partner with local elementary, middle, and high schools to help with fundraising efforts. Check with the PTO at your child’s, grandchild’s, niece or nephew’s school to see if they have a FREE key tag for you. Even if you don’t have relatives in your local school you can still get a key tag to help with the fundraising.

photo by caryn of pto supplied fundraising key tags

Photo by Caryn of PTO Supplied Publix Partners Fundraising Key Tag

Please have no worries about your spending habits getting tracked. The tag is not connected to you, it is only connected to the school. However many Little Debbie Snack Cakes you buy will remain your business.

Throwback Thursdays! Murray Cosmic Flite Bicycle

murray cosmic flite bicycle

Photo by Caryn, Murray Cosmic Flite Bicycle

I am hoping to put some fresh tires on this beauty one day and be able to take her on spins around town. My dating this bike to the late 1960’s is only an educated guess.  It is a Cosmic Flite made by Murray, likely in its Lawrenceburg, TN factory for Sears.  Until I can look cool tooling about on it the Cosmic Flite will have to look cool leaning against my garden wall.

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