12/15 Fill-A-Truck For the Nolensville Food Pantry for the Holidays

photo courtesy of the nolensville food pantry

Photo courtesy of the Nolensville Food Pantry

On Sunday, December 15 from 11AM to 3PM one of the big, red, 18 cubic yard Junk King trucks will sit empty (and clean) in the parking lot of McDougal’s Chicken in Nolensville, TN to accept donations of non-perishable foods, new personal care items (like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent), and new, unwrapped toys. All items will be delivered that afternoon to the Nolensville Food Pantry located at the Providence Baptist Fellowship Church in Nolensville, TN.

photo courtesy of mama's jave

Photo courtesy of Mama’s Java

This will be a last push to fill the needs of local Nolensville families before Christmas. Throughout the year Mama’s Java is a collection point for donations for both the Food Pantry and its sister Help 4 Hope Community Program. Melissa presently has wish lists (needs) of over 60 local families. The due date for those items is 12/19 and hopefully the items brought to our trucks on the 15th will fill out the lists so no families are left wanting.

After Brian at McDougal’s kindly allowed us space in his parking lot on the 15th he also said that folks dropping off donations of non-perishable food, personal care items, and new unwrapped toys would receive 10% off any purchases that day at that McDougal’s location. Thank you, Brian, Melissa, Debbie of the Food Pantry, and thanks to all who stop by!

photo courtesy of mcdougal's chicken

Photo courtesy of McDougal’s Chicken

A Vintage Girl Scout Uniform & Recycling

The main council for the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is located on Granny White Pike in Nashville. There you can not only purchase a current Daisy, Brownie, or Junior Girl Scout uniform you can also take a step or two back in time to see the uniforms from past decades. We were happy to have the opportunity to donate a vintage 1960’s Girl Scout uniform to the Council for their collection earlier this year.

photo by caryn of a vintage 1960s girl scout uniform donated to council

Photo by Caryn of a Vintage 1960’s Girl Scout Uniform Donated to Council

When one of our customers has Junk King haul away clothing we sort the clothing into piles for donation to ThriftSmart and ATRS textile recycling. Proceeds from sales at ThriftSmart benefit other local non-profits (Mercy Children’s Clinic, New Hope Academy, The Belize Project, and African Leadership) and proceeds from ATRS textile recycling benefit MADD.

Every once in a while a special item comes through that needs to go elsewhere – like this vintage 1960s Girl Scout uniform. I sent a photo to our Troop Leader and she talked with folks at Council and they said to please send it along. I encourage any folks interested to please take a trip in to see the historical items at Council. It is a really neat collection.


2013 Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue Recap

We have been Certified BBQ Judges through the KCBS for the last 5 years. During this time we’ve met other judges and BBQ teams and these folks have truly become part of a ‘BBQ family’. Some members of this family had a chance to compete at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue. I am honored they let me tag along.

Who may participate?  To qualify for a chance to be chosen a team needs to win a contest with 50+ competitors or a contest with 25+ competitors that has been designated a ‘State Championship’. Teams winning 7 such competitions in the year get an automatic invitation – quite an accomplishment. Each state has a draw for its representative team from among those winners.  Add to that list about two dozen international teams and you’ve got ‘The Jack‘.

photo by caryn of cook sites at the jack

Photo by Caryn of a fraction of the cook sites at The Jack on Friday

Billy, Richard, and Jeff are DoRagQ and are all from Middle Tennessee. Their dear friends Jan and Bill of Gooby’s BBQ, also of Middle TN, signed up to assist with Jan preparing the entry for the Dessert Category.  They kindly asked me to round out the team as gofer, dish washer, turn-in blocker, and be 1 of 6 taste testers.

photo by rita baker, doragq team for the jack

Photo by Rita Baker, DoRagQ Team for The Jack
(Jan, Richard, Jeff, Billy, Bill, Caryn)

DoRagQ arrived Wednesday with the rig to set up and to soak in being in Lynchburg. They did the Jack Daniels Distillery tour and lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s.  Jan and Bill arrived early Thursday and I followed later that afternoon to set up my tent.

photo of caryn's tent at the cook site

Photo of Caryn’s tent, backed up to the port-a-potty and bookended by Tuffy Stone’s camper and our smokers

We were kindly invited to Byron Chism’s annual party where Buck and Lou Buchanan of KCBS Team ‘High on the Hawg’ put out a fabulous spread of Brunswick Stew, corn bread, and apple cobbler to accompany Roger & Marsha Wise of Pickin’ Porkers’s smoked whole hog.  Bacon is good. Pieces from the bacon section of a smoked whole hog are sublime. Sadly there are no photos as camera and phone batteries were dead, but a good time was had by all. Byron always invites the international teams. This was where I got to meet the South African and Estonian teams. Their enthusiasm for being at the Jack was contagious. I drove for an hour to get to Lynchburg. The South African team took about a 24 of those hours to fly and drive there.

team braai-b-que south africa

Photo by Caryn of Team Braai-B-Que South Africa

photo by caryn of contestants enjoying dinner up on bbq hill

Photo by Caryn of dinner up on BBQ Hill

Friday night had teams marching in a parade up to the distillery to board buses to take us to a fine meal on BBQ Hill. There the scent of mash was heavy in the air and the Primo Grill line had some fine vittles for us to enjoy – almost as lovely as the view.

Going to sleep Friday night one knew that the morning, however early, meant: GAME ON! As one who was sleeping in a tent, it was a cold night. I believe it got down to 27 degrees F./-3 degrees C.. We awoke to our outdoor sink by the creek having an icicle coming out of the spigot (and frost on my tent).

photo by caryn of a spigot icicle

Photo by Caryn of a spigot icicle

Saturday morning had us cooking and presenting our four meats, our Anything But/Home Cookin’ From the Homeland, Sauce, and Dessert. Here is a photo of the grounds on Saturday with the crowds the teams had to weave through to deliver their turn-in boxes. Having sharp elbows was finally a plus.

photo of caryn of the crowds on saturday at the jack

Photo by Caryn of the crowds on Saturday at The Jack

After turn in there was nothing to do but decompress, clean up, and visit with other teams and get our barrel heads signed.  Competing teams, judges, and friends alike all signed the barrel heads. It is a keepsake like no other from a most unique experience.

photo by caryn of dave compton signing billys barrel head

Photo by Caryn of Dave Compton Signing Billy’s Barrel Head

We made our way to the awards ceremony. There we waited. The suspense was terrible and awesome at the same time. We walked! We got a call in Desserts with Jan’s Banana Pudding placing 7th Place at The Jack – a special thing indeed.

photo by caryn of jans award winning banana pudding

Photo by Caryn of Jan’s Award Winning Banana Pudding

Sadly it was our only walk. The BBQ I tasted would have won the GC in most any other competition. Billy’s brisket was some of the best I’ve ever had.

Grand Champion of the 25th Annual Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue went to ‘The Professor’ Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke out of Virginia. Many may have seen him on the television show BBQ Pitmasters. He was our next door neighbor at The Jack and could not have been nicer. His three helpers were his sweet uncles who mainly played cribbage as they kept the looki-loos away while Tuffy worked his magic.  Congrats on a title well won!

billy of doragq and tuffy of cool smoke at the jack

Billy of DoRagQ and Tuffy of Cool Smoke at The Jack

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