Wacky Wednesday – Nashville, Music & Gold and Platinum Records

Fine Young Cannibals Double Platinum Record, photo by Caryn

Fine Young Cannibals Double Platinum Record, photo by Caryn

I cannot emphasize enough the wide range of items people have Junk King of Nashville haul away for recycling. There are the stalwarts: old appliances, mattresses, broken furniture and lawn mowers, and wind-blown trampolines. Then there are the head scratchers like the five framed gold and platinum records that came in last week.

What did we do with the framed records? A crew member took one home to hang on his wall. I dropped one off as a present to a friend’s son who is about to graduate from high school. He is a great kid with musical aspirations and having a Van Halen platinum record (and cassette) to hang in his Jam Room/Bat Cave is quite possibly, in his words, “The coolest thing EVER!”. Two went to the property closet for the locally filmed ABC drama “Nashville”.¬†We kept one for the office wall and posterity. (Yes, it was the Fine Young Cannibals double platinum one because The Junk Lady is a child of the 1980s.)

Responsible Hauling & Recycling

We were alerted to the illegal dumping of dozens of mattresses at our office complex late last week. As they are all queen size and of a matching make and model they are likely from an institution. Queen size rules out college or university, basically leaving the hospitality industry. Most likely a nearby hotel trusted a hauler to a) remove mattresses from the premises and b) dispose of those mattresses properly. They got half of what they were promised.

photo by caryn, abandoned mattresses

Photo by Caryn, Abandoned Mattresses, Nashville, TN

I’m writing about this to highlight why it is so important to know the professionals with whom you work. Being aware of a service’s possession of a license, insurance, bonding, what affiliations and memberships they hold goes a long way towards solidifying a relationship and providing peace of mind that jobs will be completed as promised and in an appropriate manner.

Nashville is lucky to have the flagship Spring Back mattress recycling center. It has been such a success that they have branched out to Tacoma, WA and Denver, CO. Please take a look at Spring Back and all the good things they are doing by recycling mattresses.

UPDATE 12/19/13

We heard early today that the property management company wanted Junk King to remove the mattresses as soon as possible. Turns out it is 3 trucks worth. Here is a photo of David and Norris loading the last on truck #2 of 3. They will make three trips to Spring Back Recycling today.

photo by caryn, mattress job, truck 2 of 3

Photo by Caryn, mattress job, truck 2 of 3

photo by caryn, junk king truck at dumped mattress site

Photo by Caryn, Junk King truck at dumped mattress site


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