SEC College Football Fall 10% Off Coupon

There is a little contention in the Junk Lady household each Fall. You see the gentleman I married neglected to ask if I had any SEC affiliations in my skeleton closet. I knew his alright; BAMA fans are rarely quiet. Imagine his surprise/shock/disgust when he discovered my Grandfather Vernon has graduated from Auburn. 😀

Press the ‘Play’ arrow on the above video to enjoy the last play of 2013’s Iron Bowl game. It never gets old.

SEC College Football Coupon, photo by Caryn

SEC College Football Coupon, photo by Caryn

Whether a Commodore, a War Eagle, a Volunteer, Gator, Bulldog, or whatever the heck a Crimson Tide is there is a standing 10% discount off Junk King of Nashville’s services with the mention of SEC at either time of booking or on the job site. As usual coupons and deals cannot be stacked. We’ll make sure you use the one that saves the most money. Whichever team(s) you follow and whether you watch in a man cave, woman cave, or garage we want your space to be clutter-free so you and your friends can really enjoy the game. Should the game end poorly and the TV somehow gets damaged we do recycle all of the televisions we pick up.


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