Creative Plastic Bottle Repurposing

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Sculpture, photo by Caryn

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Sculpture, photo by Caryn

After our daughter checked in at the Mid-South Quick Chess Championship on Hillsboro at St. Paul Christian Academy we went to wait in the gymnasium for the first pairings to get posted.

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Sculpture, photo by Caryn

Repurposed Plastic Bottle Sculpture, photo by Caryn

Hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room is a delightful use of discarded plastic bottles. The sculpture is approximately 5 feet high and is comprised of hundreds of colored and altered plastic water bottles. It’s kinetic to a degree which helps it catch and reflect the light. I don’t know who made this piece but it is likely a collaborative effort by children from this school.

YOU BUG ME! – Guest Blogger Renee Ferguson

5 Steps to Keep Me from Bugging You

Literally this is how it happens.  The innocent traveler picks up a bed bug from her hotel room and carries it home in her suitcase.  She gets home and throws her bag on the couch that her teenager and his friends always lounge on when they play video games.  Later her son goes to a sleep over and unwittingly brings the hitchhiker along with him to his best friend’s house. ..and on and on and on it goes.

Today our JUNK KING Dallas franchise received a referral from one of our customers…it seems her brother was frantic about the parasite that has taken hold of his home in a well to do neighborhood in Dallas.   Evidence of bed bugs was present in mattresses and couches and he was fearful of other pieces of furniture or carpet becoming contaminated…if they weren’t already.  I asked him how he thinks the first critter came into his house and he told me most likely from his son who had been living away from home but had come home to roost and brought along some uninvited guests.

JUNK KING Dallas was able to solve his problem…our guys suited up in protective coveralls, brought along a chemical spray to spray themselves prior to entering the home.  The items being taken were also sprayed.  This precautionary treatment prevents the critters from jumping ship onto our truck or for our team to bring them back to our office, your home or into their own homes.  The items are then taken directly to the dump for disposal and in turn the back end of the JUNK KING truck and the cab interior are treated with the chemical spray as a preventive measure to assure our staff is not going to bring bedbugs anywhere with them.

Bed bugs don’t discriminate.  Whether you live or visit high end places or prefer to slum it you are at risk.  There are 5 things you need to be aware of:

  • Here’s the good news: Bed bugs don’t travel on people like lice do.  But as much as you may like to travel so do bed bugs.  They can travel behind walls on pipes and go from apartment to apartment, hotel room to hotel room or come into your home from having hitched a ride on your nice warm laptop or notebook.  Or perhaps they may have just come in on your suitcase or on your clothing from your last business trip.  Here’s a tip when you travel—don’t put your suitcase on the bed—use the suitcase holder provided and check the mattress for evidence of fecal staining on mattresses or bedding.
  • Know what’s bugging you.  Make sure it is indeed bed bugs and not fleas, ticks, mites, or another insect—confirm the identity of your pest before you begin any at home treatments.
  • If you suspect you’ve been exposed to bedbugs you have options whether you choose to treat your space yourself or hire a professional pest control service.
  • Clear your clutter.  “The most vulnerable people for pests are people who have lots of clutter” advises Networx.  Having a non-clutter home also makes treatment easier, as there are fewer objects to clean.
  • Let a professional like JUNK KING remove contaminated materials or clutter from your home or office.  Don’t spread the problem to your neighbors by putting contaminated furniture on the street or in common areas as that may spread the problem to other homes.  You don’t want to be identified as the “ground zero” of the neighborhood infestation.

If you encounter a bed bug situation it’s not the end of the world—it’s just the continuation of what has been around for centuries.  Remember the words of your mother…night, night…don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Junk King of Dallas, Photo courtesy of Renee Ferguson.

Junk King of Dallas, Photo courtesy of Renee Ferguson.

(Note from Caryn: Thank you so much, Renee. This is Renee’s second guest blog contribution and we appreciate it very much. Last November Renee provided safe guidelines for turkey thawing and preparation. Not only is Renee an owner of JUNK KING Dallas but she is also the author of the cookbook ‘Talk Turkey To Me‘.)

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