Windrow Farms, Young Turkeys, and Reuse

This is not my first blog post about our friends at Windrow Farms. There is this one about pumpkin recycling as well as well as a photo of male turkeys ‘Jerry’ and ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ in my blog post on Thanksgiving Day. Elizabeth, Chad and Tailor are our good friends and they are doing some wonderful things on their farm and for their community of Nolensville, TN.

Fancypants the turkey, hens, and roosters feeding on healthy scraps of fruits and vegetables

Fancypants the turkey, hens, and roosters feeding on healthy scraps of fruits and vegetables

The farm is literally growing (correct usage of literally). Among the raised beds, hanging gardens, and traditional beds of fruits, vegetables and herbs are the critters: chickens – lots of them, turkeys, guinea hen, ducks, horses, cattle, rabbits, and a squadron of potbelly pigs. What is unusual is the percentage of the animals that are rescues. Both horses, all 5 pigs, all but one of the rabbits, the ducks, and some of the hens and roosters are all rescues.

Child's Bench Repurposed to Chicken Roost

Child’s Bench Repurposed to Chicken Roost

Our staff at Junk King of Nashville knows that if rolls of wire or wind netting, screening, fencing, or dog pens come in on a hauling job they need to put them aside for me to see if Miss Elizabeth/The Chicken Lady needs them. Most often she does.  Rescues usually aren’t scheduled. They just happen and the farm needs to have a place for the new resident immediately. Each week some things come in that might not stand out as something usable for the farm. A child’s bench came in that was a little worse for wear and not quite up to what we would donate to ThriftSmart. I messaged Elizabeth with a photo and it is now in the coop with the post-February chicks roosting upon it.

4 new Windrow Turkeys, photo by Caryn

4 new Windrow Turkeys, photo by Caryn. Please note photobombing pig

Yesterday marked the arrival of four young turkeys from the breeder. Three are gents who will be raised for the family meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter and one is a lady who will start laying turkey eggs later this year.

We had dropped off a large wire dog crate with a wonky side a couple weeks back. The plastic domed Igloo dog house that we dropped off yesterday was attached at the wonky side creating a pen for the four birds to protect them from both existing residents and the elements during their initial health quarantine and acclamation.


Igloo + Wire Crate = Turkey Run

Igloo + Wire Crate = Turkey Run, photo by Caryn

Fighting the Elements – Jean Leon & Junk King of Hudson Valley


Jean Leon, Junk King of Hudson Valley

Jean Leon, Junk King of Hudson Valley

Junk King has franchises across 4 time zones. Many of the owners get to visit during the annual convention at corporate headquarters in San Carlos, California. It was at last year’s convention that I got to meet Jean Leon, the owner of Junk King of Hudson Valley in New York state.

Jean's Snow Covered Junk King of Hudson Valley Truck

Jean’s Snow Covered Junk King of Hudson Valley Truck

Jean and the other franchisees in the North have had a rough go of it this Winter due to the onslaught of storms. Franchises in Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada have all also been hit with abnormally cold weather AND unusual amounts of snow. Though not the normal start to their work day, Jean and the rest of the crews have been able to shovel off, start up, and barrel through with their 18 cubic yard trucks to help members in their communities get or stay clutter-free.

Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia

I placed the subtitle ‘Junk King of Nashville‘s Wandering Recycler’ on this blog and I’d be remiss to not mention I have wandered 2 time zones away from home.  I am presently outside of San Francisco in Burlingame, CA attending the annual Junk King convention.  Here with representatives from 38 of the 50 current franchises across the country  North America (Welcome Junk Works of Waterloo, Ontario!) we’re learning how to continue to do the best job we can hauling for our customers and recycling as much as possible.

When thinking of San Francisco, many think of this:

golden gate bridge san francisco

Photo by Caryn, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Or, this:

npr graphic rice a roni

NPR’s graphic for ‘The Birth of Rice-A-Roni’

The Bay area has so many beautiful and interesting places, but right here in Burlingame is a gem of a museum – the Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia. It could not take up more than 150 square feet, but it is jam packed with PEZ dispensers from across the decades and from around the world and curator Gary Doss is happy to talk about any and all of them.  By all of them I mean over 900 and they have an example of every PEZ dispenser ever sold.

burlingame museum of pez memorabilia

Photo by Caryn, interior of the Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia, Burlingame, CA

Electronic Waste Is More Than Televisions and Computers

electronic waste

Photo by Caryn, 3-4 cubic yards of electronic waste

Every day at our warehouse is different.  This day had me sorting through a significant pile of electronic waste.  My first thought was General Abrams often misquoted: When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.   I will never look at a tangled necklace again in despair – easy peasy.  This pile included: telephones, dictaphones, curly cords, straight cords, computer cords, communication wire, plugs, motors, magnets, keyboards, computer mouses (mice?) and a few spiders. Everything here is recyclable (spiders included).


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