Cardboard Recycling Via Vacation Bible School

Cane Ridge Free Will Baptist Church Vacation Bible School Airplane, photo by Bethany Wagner

Cane Ridge Free Will Baptist Church Vacation Bible School Airplane, photo by Bethany Wagner

Cardboard can be recycled into more cardboard or it can be reused. I received a message a couple weeks back from a neighbor asking if we had any larger boxes she could use to build an airplane for their Summer vacation Bible school. Here is the end result. Thank you, Bethany Wagner for the update. I am sure your VBS will be a full, fun, and successful event. Vacation Bible School starts tonight, July 8th, at the Cane Ridge Free Will Baptist Church, located at 13984 Old Hickory Blvd in Nashville, 37013. Registration is at the door starting at 6:00PM and all are welcome. Class runs between 6:00PM and 8:15PM.

Recycling Paper and Cardboard

photo by caryn of paper and cardboard on the back of the junk king truck

Photo by Caryn of Paper and Cardboard on the Junk King Truck

At Junk King of Nashville we try not to take items to the land fill. If an item is not donatable we break it down to the lowest common denominators and recycle materials. Items that are easy in this regard are paper and cardboard. If I know of someone looking for specific boxes (moving, storage) I can donate the boxes. If not the boxes get broken down and placed in the baler with other cardboard to be taken to the local cardboard recycler.

instgram photo by caryn of cardboard getting baled

Instagram Photo by Caryn of Cardboard Getting Baled

We wait until we have at least 6 bales of cardboard ready and then we line them up for photos load them on the truck and drop them to recycling. Six bales of cardboard weighs a little over a ton – that’s right, 2,000 pounds.

Two thousand pounds not going to a landfill. Two thousand pounds of cardboard living another day as a moving, bankers, or cereal boxes, corrugated coffee cup sleeves, or paper.

photo by caryn of cardboard bales ready for the recycler

Photo by Caryn of Cardboard Bales Ready for the Recycler

According to 2,000 pounds of recycled cardboard saves 390 kWh hours of electricity, 46 gallons of oil, 6.6 million Btu’s of energy, and 9 cubic yards in the landfill. Recycling cardboard takes 24% less energy and produced 50% less sulphur dioxide than making cardboard from raw materials.

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