Wacky Wednesday: Toilet Paper, Lots Of It –

photo by caryn, 322,560 rolls of toilet paper donated over 3 days in 2012

Photo by Caryn, 322,560 rolls of toilet paper donated over 3 days in 2012

Is that the Borg? No, wrong shape and material. It is a ‘Before’ photo of one of our most unique, difficult, and satisfying jobs. We received word late on a Saturday last year that we had a huge job (30+ trucks) starting Monday to remove toilet paper that had been in a warehouse fire. Well, 3 of those trucks had burned, wet, and smelly toilet paper remains to be hauled away. The rest were dry underneath the plastic layers, but had to be removed regardless. We did not want to take usable toilet paper to the landfill so I started making phone calls. The places I needed to reach were already closed and stayed closed on Sunday so my calls started in force early Monday and under the gun – the paper needed places to go and to go quickly due to the weather forecast for mid-week.

With the help of a forklift to move the 168 pallets, we either trucked toilet paper to locations like the Girl Scout’s Camp Holloway, the Martha O’Bryan Center, The Salvation Army, or we loaded trucks and flatbeds that came to us from Feed the Children, Second Harvest Foodbank of Middle TN, Chattanooga Area Food Bank, and the Men’s Rescue Mission. It took 2 and a half days and we just beat the rain.

Why Wacky Wednesday? 322,560 rolls of toilet paper is pretty wacky. We like to tell people that Junk King of Nashville papered Middle Tennessee!

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