Throwback Thursday – Led Zeppelin II on 8-Track

Led Zeppelin II 8-Track, photo by Caryn

Led Zeppelin II 8-Track, photo by Caryn

Classic Album? ✓ Stereo 8-Track? ✓ Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever? ✓ (Arguably, but that is for another blog post.) May I present today’s Throwback Thursday with Led Zeppelin’s album ‘Led Zeppelin II’ on 8-track? EVERY song is a classic, including one of my favorites: ‘Ramble On’. Enjoy!


Throwback Thursday – The 1982 Chevrolet Citation!

1982 Chevrolet Citation Brochure, photo by Caryn

1982 Chevrolet Citation Brochure, photo by Caryn

Finding 30 year old car brochures takes me back to the time when cars were made of metal, had cheesy names, and had a color palate ranging from beige to navy. May I present the 1982 Chevrolet Citation? Its classic lines provide the look of a sedan with the handiness of the Pinto. Who needs a minivan when you can fit three comfortably in the back seat of a hatchback? Wait, minivans were not invented until 1983 with Chrysler’s last ditch effort to stay afloat.

1982 Chevrolet Citation Brochure, photo by Caryn

1982 Chevrolet Citation Brochure, photo by Caryn

Throwback Thursday! Physician License Plate Topper

MD License Plate Topper, photo by Caryn

MD License Plate Topper, photo by Caryn

Remember when a physician’s car would have a fancy metal license plate topper proclaiming his or her profession? This harkens to an era of when house calls were the norm and this little gem helped doctors avoid tickets and get decent parking to get to their patients. Nowadays it would more than likely be a Bat Signal to burglars to come take a look inside once the car was parked.

Throwback Thursday! Original Kamado Egg

Original Big Green Egg

Original Big Green Egg, Photo by Caryn

BBQ as a pastime and lifestyle has really taken hold in the United States the last two decades. Organizations like the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) and the Memphis BBQ Network (MBN) have seen exponential growth in their memberships, and there are many other strong regional organizations. A growing portion of the competitive cook teams as well as backyard weekend warriors use the Big Green Egg as their grill/smoker of choice.

Though the Big Green Egg Company did not start  in the United States until the mid-1970’s, Americans, mainly servicemen, have been familiar with this style of cooking since the 1940’s. It is a ‘kamado style’ ceramic cooker. What makes this type of cooker so versatile is that it can attain high heat quickly for searing as well as maintaining a low heat to smoke items all day. The above photo is of one of these cookers that a serviceman brought back to the States on an empty transport plane decades ago.


Throwback Thursday! Vintage Motorola Cell Phone

Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Lite XL Cell Phone

Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Lite XL Cell Phone, photo by Caryn

Weighing more than an iPad tablet, the Motorola MICRO TAC LITE XL brings back the days of early 90’s, expensive cell phone options, and questionable clothing choices. ‘TAC’ stands for ‘Total Area Coverage’. It was the smaller version of the Motorola DYNA TAC. How can something ‘Micro’ also be ‘XL’? Did that antenna actually help reception or was it just to let passers by know that its owner was very important and had a phone? Junk King of Nashville will recycle this beauty. Most likely it will become part of a school theater prop collection.

Throwback Thursday! Co-Star The Record Acting Game With Vincent Price!

Vinyl LP from the Co-Star Series - You can act along with Vincent Price! Photo by Caryn

Vinyl LP from the Co-Star Series – You can act along with Vincent Price! Photo by Caryn

Hoping to act along with Vincent Price once we get the record player hooked up. This LP was one of a series of 15 records from the late 1950’s to early 1960s. They feature different actresses and actors including Fernando Lamas, Pearl Bailey, George Raft, Tallulah Bankhead, and Basil Rathbone. Each record comes with a script for the listener(s) to follow and play along. Can you imagine some stars from today doing something similar? I think getting to do scenes from ‘Fight Club’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, or ‘Zoolander‘ would be a hit.

Throwback Thursday! Portable Record Player and Read-Aloud Books

Vintage 70's Emerson Portable Record Player

Vintage 70’s Emerson Portable Record Player

Vintage 1970's Read A Long Book & Records

Vintage 1970’s Read A Long Book & Records

Remember the small portable record players, one step up from the plastic Fisher Price ones? Found one the other day. It’s an Emerson and it previous owner had placed puffy stickers on the inside lid. Along with it came a great collection of Disney and Little Golden Book Read Along books and records. It’s fun to hear the Charlie Brown & Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Thumbelina, Poky Little Puppy, and Jungle Book stories as you read along – or it would be if it had a needle and worked properly and the records were flat. The books, however, work just fine.

Throwback Thursday! Junk King & Junk Lady Back In The Day

This Throwback Thursday I’d like to share early images of the Junk King and Junk Lady. We met in early 1998 and didn’t discover until many years later that we both had our portraits painted by the same Western New York artist, George Unger – Bob’s in 1969 and Caryn’s in 1971.

pastel portraits by george unger photo by cary hatcher

Pastel portraits by George Unger. Photo by Caryn Hatcher

Throwback Thursday! KODAK Partystar Trimprint Instant Camera

kodak partystar trimprint instant camera

KODAK Partystar Trimprint Instant Camera

Yes, Virginia, back in the day there were cameras that used film and provided ‘instant’ photos. May I present the Kodak Partystar Trimprint Instant Camera.

People would go to parties in leisure suits made of materials not found in nature and take photos of each other. Today we would call them ‘Hipsters‘ and the end result would be Instagram.

Throwback Thursday: Paint By Number!

photo by caryn, paint by number ballerinas

Photo by Caryn, Paint by Number Ballerinas

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Do you remember doing Paint By Number paintings as a kid? Want to do them again? They are still available in local stores and online. eBay has vintage sets available, too! I’m seeing a resurgence in Paint By Number appreciation. What would you like to paint?

photo by caryn of a vintage paint by number landscape

Photo by Caryn of a vintage Paint By Number landscape

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