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My name is Caryn and I wear many hats.  As haulers and recyclers Junk King of Nashville helps businesses and home owners reclaim both indoor and outdoor spaces. Once items are hauled away clients can be assured that we will only take items to the landfill if there is no other option.

At our warehouse I sort the usable from the unusable.  Unusable items get sorted in their recycling bins.  Usable items get further sorted into donation piles for various local groups.  I love my job.



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  1. Congrats on new blog. Rock it!

  2. Elizabeth

    I have a farm that rescues the small unwanted farm animals. If I ever need things like animal crates, old towels, or other things we can use I always let Caryn know. She even let me start a wish list for items to use on future rescues. She is more than than the queen junk lady here on the farm. She a very special and dear friend. Every now and the she is the farm paparazzi…. (the animals even take time now to pose for her)….

    • Thank you for the kind words, Friend :-) You and your family (two and four legs) have a very special place and you provide spaces for those abandoned by others. Thank YOU!

  3. Beth

    AWESOME! You have always had a flair for the written word! So glad everything is going your way! ENJOY!

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