Throwback Thursday: 1970’s Jukebox 45 RPM Records

1970s 45 Records: Shaun Cassidy, The Carpenters, Andy Kim, and The Captain & Tennile

1970s 45 Records: Shaun Cassidy, The Carpenters, Andy Kim, and Captain & Tennile

Today is Throwback Thursday and theĀ Junk Lady found herself looking through some old vinyl records. 45 rpm records from the 1970’s to be exact. The Carpenters, Captain & Tennile, Shaun Cassidy, and Canadian Andy Kim’s ‘Rock Me Gently‘.

The yellow plastic 45 rpm adaptor has been known to confound more recent generations as to its purpose. It is to fit inside the 45’s larger opening so the record could be played on a regular 33 1/3 rpm turntable. The adaptors are still available and in a variety of colors.

Did you know that vinyl is alive and well and still being pressed into records right here in Nashville? United Record Pressing has the largest record pressing plant in North America and they are at capacity and almost done building their second Nashville plant.

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  1. DJ

    I loved this article!! I still have all four of these 45’s. Did you know that Andy Kim was one of the singers that sang Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

    • Thanks, DJ, and you must have an AWESOME collection! I did not know that about Andy Kim. Was he the only Canadian in the group? Thanks so much for your comment :-)

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