Throwback Thursday – Sears Coldspot Refrigerator

Vintage 70s Sears Coldspot Refrigerator, photo by Caryn

Vintage 70s Sears Coldspot Refrigerator, photo by Caryn

Who remembers the fantastic color selections for kitchen appliances a few decades back? We are sadly down to the monochromatic white, black and stainless these days, but there used to be ‘Avocado Green’, ‘Orange’, ‘Brown’, and ‘Harvest Gold’. A lovely example of a Sears Coldspot in Harvest Gold is presently at our warehouse. After both crews were done for the day we surrounded it like a campfire and spoke of appliances past. Good times. We have a couple non-profits looking for working fridges of a smaller stature and this fits both bills. Hopefully one will want to go back in time.

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  1. Phyllis Thompson

    Just wondering what would be a fair price to pay for a fridge exactly like this Sears coldspot in running condition? It is the same thing that you have pictured in this article. Thanks

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