Wacky Wednesday – Nashville, Music & Gold and Platinum Records

Fine Young Cannibals Double Platinum Record, photo by Caryn

Fine Young Cannibals Double Platinum Record, photo by Caryn

I cannot emphasize enough the wide range of items people have Junk King of Nashville haul away for recycling. There are the stalwarts: old appliances, mattresses, broken furniture and lawn mowers, and wind-blown trampolines. Then there are the head scratchers like the five framed gold and platinum records that came in last week.

What did we do with the framed records? A crew member took one home to hang on his wall. I dropped one off as a present to a friend’s son who is about to graduate from high school. He is a great kid with musical aspirations and having a Van Halen platinum record (and cassette) to hang in his Jam Room/Bat Cave is quite possibly, in his words, “The coolest thing EVER!”. Two went to the property closet for the locally filmed ABC drama “Nashville”.¬†We kept one for the office wall and posterity. (Yes, it was the Fine Young Cannibals double platinum one because The Junk Lady is a child of the 1980s.)

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