Wacky Wednesday – LBJ Coin

Lyndon Baines Johnson, a.k.a LBJ, was a character. He was known for his dog handling skills and his eagerness to display his gall bladder surgery scar as much as his temper.¬†Election campaigning in the 1960’s happened on television, radio, print, and face to face. There were more doodads and handouts than we have now in the Internet Age. This brass coin (No Gold, No Silver, Just Pure Brass!) could have been handed out by the LBJ camp or by his opposition. Hard to tell.

LBJ Brass Coin, photo by Caryn

LBJ Brass Coin, photo by Caryn

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  1. Terry

    Is there any value to this coin? I also have a McCarthy for president. Support The Veit Cong coin. Any value?

  2. No more than a few dollars, value more out of interest than metal content. Have not run across any McCarthy items. Thanks for your question!

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