Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

Small Business Saturday

Although ‘Small Business Saturday‘ has only been around since November 2010, it has gained momentum partly due to backing by the very large non-Mom-N-Pop American Express.¬†With two employees Junk King of Nashville is by no means a ‘large’ business, though we occasionally hear that we are not a small business because we are a franchise. People saying this receive a raised eyebrow from me.¬†There is still the notion that Franchise = Corporate Monster and it just is not (usually) the case. Most franchises are locally owned by Mom-N-Pops who are heavily involved with their communities.

We have 4 jobs today on the schedule so far. We do take American Express as a form of payment. I hope all four clients have an Am/Ex card, have registered it, and use it to pay for our services today so they can get $10 credited back to their account (as well as receiving more space in their home or office and the peace of mind that brings). Remember, Small Business Saturday is not just for brick and mortar stores – it is for services as well.

photo courtesy of junk king of nashville of our crew after filming an episode of 'hoarding: buried alive!

Photo courtesy of Junk King of Nashville of our crew after filming an episode of ‘Hoarding: Buried Alive! this Spring.


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