Don’t Throw Out Your Halloween Pumpkins!

arrington vineyards

Photo taken by Caryn at Arrington Vineyards, Arrington, TN 

A lovely visit with friends at Arrington Vineyards last evening got me thinking about pumpkins.  We are nearing Halloween and the end of ‘Pumpkin Flavored Everything’.  Many folks have the capacity to compost.  Others have their own gardens and can put the pumpkin remains out there to fertilize and perhaps plant volunteers for next year’s pumpkins.  Those who do not may still recycle their pumpkins.  Please check with nearby farmers to see if they would like pumpkins dropped off for their animals to enjoy.  Our two carved pumpkins will be delivered to Nolensville’s Windrow Farms for my friend Gertrude and her pals to have a treat.


Photo of Gertrude taken by Caryn at Windrow Farms, Nolensville

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  1. Elizabeth

    You take some wonderful pictures. I am glad you are the farm paparazzi!!!!

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